Sunday, May 11, 2008

Of beanies and the not-chill

Not suprising is that the term `my bad` first appears in an entry coming in from California, but what might shock the archivist in you was that it happened in a pine cabin in 1872 on the shores of what was then known as the Polinap river. Sam Wadlund was a candlelight scribbler, as are so many.

Left some grit round the rim of the chamberpot afer I emptied it this morning, Jenna noticed forenoon and called me out. I had some on her though, and said, 'Whose was it that I found yesterday all deerlike pellets and crushed newsleaves?'

'That certainly wasn’t me, I haven’t in a day.’ And she closed in on me with the fact of it, when her hands stuck my ribs quick I had to say, 'Twice my wrong action, twice my bad!'