Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The humble garrison...

There´s a school of Donkay which we at 1430 might be proud of, given that it´s one that Americans tend to gravitate towards. Not suprisingly, we aren´t. It´s a kind of pragmatist faction, which doesn´t believe in submitting for submission´s sake. Most of these entries are Rockwell haikus designed to elicit a single flexing of the abdomen, producing a sound known in English as the “´huh´ of mild interest/moderate information ingestion.” That´s practical. And William Kearnles is a prime practicioner.

Figured that this must be happening around the world and thought I might write on it. Whole world´s tinkering with screws rusted shut. Lots are using a product like WD-40, comes in a can acourse. Figured it happens a lot that the product has been applied and the screw or nut needs a little forcing to break loose. Seems only natural to give a little crack with the bottom of the can, try to spring it loose. That doesn´t work. Classic example of the lazy man breaking his bones, or his can of WD, right. Not to mention the new pressurized spray can, champaigne mist of greasner all over your workroom.